Initiative for Social Change


We want to move by heart - powerful and energetic

Hey! Nice, that you’ve found your way here

Are you motivated to actively design, develop and drive forward the process of Change? Was your first intention just to glimpse in and finding out what’s going on here and your surrounding finding out what really matters to you? Whatever it is what is driving you, and no matter to what extent you are already engaged and committed to Social Change, we welcome you by heart.

Our Goal

Activating Change supports and organizes projects that want to design and push forward Social Change! We are looking for projects with high activation potential - we want you to participate actively in projects of change. We want to encourage you in being bravely to think and act independently and taking your own decisions. Together with you, we want activate Change.

Our Goal - Our Change

Through the merge of societies smallest units, communities evolve. Together with you, we want to stick up for Social Change.

Change here and within you

We asked ourselves what Change means. For us change is a transformation which concerns to all parts of the society. General changes in political and economic systems playing just as much of a role as the transformation of everyone’s setting and behaviour. Maybe you’ve already heard about inner and outer change?

Change networked together

Together means for us, to see different interests and wishes as path companion and driving force for a higher aim, which connects us with each other. Together means for us to find a denominator with different intentions and to connect actors, who are brave enough and possess the pioneering spirit to create innovative alliances and new synergies.

Concrete Change

Together means for us to have a common mindset for a changed world, which is fair and full of love, where every form of life is allowed to live without harming other beings and the environment, directly or indirectly. To reach this we especially need to learn to like otherness. Being different means enrichment, an extension of your own experiences and living environments!

Projects & Activation

We at Activating Change of course want ourselves to be active.

That’s why we pursue our own projects and support yours.

Activation One 2018/19

The Velo Action Germany! We have taken the current situation and developments of the electro mobility as a drive to get active. We wish 100% emission free cyclists. That’s why the electricity used to charge e-bikes must also need to come from 100% renewable energies. To support this development, we got on our wheels in summer 2019.

Project Participation

Would you like to join a project in which you have as much freedom as you have opportunities? We are always curious to hear from you. Let us know what you need. We are happy to tell you more about us. Our next project? An integrative community place, a farm project, a workation retreat, a place to meet and grow. More Information soon!

More Information soon!

Your Own Activation

You would like to start your own project, you are alone, or you have already taken a few thought steps with your friends? You need support now to define the next step? Perhaps you are enthusiastic about Activating Change and would like to contribute your skills for social change to the initiative right here? Whatever's on your mind, just get in touch!


You are having a great idea and want to share with us? Just contact us now.

We're always happy about new thoughts, mindblowing perspectives and help wherever possible.

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