The duck poops in the end!!

Hello everybody! Today, I, Verena, present the first ENGLISH blog entry. Yes, I am kind of nervous. Ok, no, I am not. My mistakes are a part of me as long as nobody is making me aware of them. And maybe, at least some of them, I don't really see as problems. But long speech short sense: Let´s continue with the main topic: 


How many times are we thinking about the impact our behavior has on others? How many times do we not believe in our strengths? Hm, and as usual, it depends on your personality and what you want in life. A great person who developed this ACTIVATING CHANGE movement, cycled with me through Germany, LENI ;), told me about this triviality which has so much truth in it: The duck poops in the end!

That´s it! Our thoughts and insecurities stop us from dreaming big and to create something bigger. The life is not just to dream! It`s to live within. How do we want to live? In ease and in freedom of our retarding thoughts.

Two years back I thought: Why should I not present my cycle idea? Wussshhhh --> The magic of

just doing brought me here. A great cycle tour through Germany with so many moments, which made my life more colorful, took place. Experiencing life!

Honestly, I was always that kind of person who was concerned about so much: What are the others saying? What is about a "safe job"? As a single person I don't have enough power to create something big! But yes, we ALL do! What stops us are the doubts and thoughts. Just doing! Just being! Just breathing! 

Let everything go, what doesn't make you happy! That doesn't work! Yes! It does! Your mindset creates the reality you want to live in. Trust me! 

You and just you and yourself decide every single moment what kind of life you want to create. And in the end it doesn't really matter what you do! But wait! One thing we can decide every single step of our live: What do we want to do? YOU decide about where and how life continues: YOU decide what you want to give to the world! YOU decide what you want to receive!

So, let's make the duck poop happily!


Greetings from here - THE NOW


Happy Duck