Our Goal

Activating Change - Supporting people to be brave


The initiative wants to empower people to work for change and to actively contribute to it. Activating Change should be supportive and mediative projects for social change.


The topics may be as diverse as the living beings on this planet and should contribute to social change within their framework. Be it in areas where change is already happening or pioneering in areas where change is still innovative.


The key lies in the activation potential of the project - we want active participation and empowerment of people to think and act for themselves. Plain and simple - activate change and make action easy.


For us change means breaking up previous life-, behavior- and belief- patterns as well as guidelines and bringing all parts of society together into change. For that fundamental changes in the system, politically and economically are necessary, but and above all for us as people, each individual, as the smallest units of society.


Actual change can only succeed together. Together we act for the world we want to live in and which we want to leave with joy and love. Together we stand up for what is important to us and support and mutually.


The many different interests are difficult and challenging, but above all the risks and fears associated with changes. We hope for courageous and innovative people who want to renew and expand their own thinking patterns to become active as pioneers.