how we found each other

We are a few not so crazy Changebuddies who have set out together to achieve world domination ... No joke. We got to know each other at a

start-up seminar on change dreams. It just sparked; we swaggered and laughed tears. Activating Change grew out of Verena's former idea of a bike tour from Kiel to her home near Munich. Our pioneering project: Velo Action Germany. We are incredibly excited about the future.

Verena Wittmann is... 

world-loving and enthusiastic about the wonders of nature. Authentic and real encounters and situations are close to her heart and she sees herself as a pioneer of time. Together with Lena, she developed the “activating change” project from her former idea of a bike tour and is responsible for coordination and task management. As a trained sports & fitness administrator and trained pedagogue, she discovered her passion in the motivation and enthusiasm of others. In her everyday life, the respectful and peaceful handling of all life is of particular concern to her.

Lena Kurenbach is...

a modern nomad, in love with the mountains and curious with watchful eyes. On her way through life she constantly questions the tried and tested, in order to meet her curiosity and her own will. Together with Verena, she is the project coordinator and initiator of “Activating Change”, the initiative for social change. As a trained graphic designer, she describes herself as a person with high aesthetic standards. During her studies, she dealt with sports as well as management and communication. Her heart is to promote sensitivity and bring truthfulness and authenticity into the world.

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